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OpenAI Launches Pilot Program for GPT Monetization

Key Takeaways:

  • OpenAI announces a pilot program to pay creators for GPT usage.
  • The program is designed to reward builders for the popularity of their GPTs.
  • The initiative aims to foster a robust ecosystem of creative GPT applications.
  • Feedback from participants will shape the future of GPT monetization.
  • The pilot is currently exclusive to builders in the United States.

OpenAI has started a new program to pay people who make GPT-based chatbots. This test program wants to set a new standard for giving money to developers based on how much their creations are used.

OpenAI is doing this to encourage new ideas in the AI community. They will pay creators in the U.S. when people use their GPT applications more. OpenAI wants feedback from the builders to make a system where creators earn money when users like their work.

By connecting how much money creators make to how much their GPTs are used, OpenAI hopes to inspire more creativity and participation. They believe this will lead to more innovation in the future.

To join, interested creators can let OpenAI know. Then OpenAI will tell them how much they could earn and what agreements they need to sign. This test program is an important first step in OpenAI’s bigger plan to balance money rewards with the creative work of GPT builders.